SICK Paedophile abused SLEEPING Boy taking photographs for his “personal pleasure”

A paedophile, from the Braintree area, has pleaded guilty to nine offences including sexual assault and making, accessing and distributing indecent images of children.

One of the most sickening offences included Bradley Challis creeping into a child’s bedroom in the middle of the night to sexually assault and photograph him as he slept.

The offences took place in February 2016.

The 24 year old, who was arrested at his mother’s house on Lodge Road, admitted “I have been doing this for a while now, I have been stupid” after officers traced the IP address.

Challis accessed the images on a site that Jamie Sawyer, the prosecutor, claimed he accessed for the past “two to three years”.

Chelmsford Crown Court heard yesterday that the 24 year old used the site in question and numerous others to chat to children, in particular someone he built a relationship with called ‘Rocky’.

Chelmsford Crown Court

Mr Sawyer said in Chelmsford Crown Court in reference to the sexual assault committed by Challis: “He said he lowered the boy’s pyjamas, he said he put his finger in the boy’s mouth and kissed him on the lips”.

The paedophile had also taken bursts of photos of the child on his smartphone for future use.

Judge Morgan consequently said: “You had kept from your family the fact that you had developed a taste for viewing child abuse images.

“You had turned your viewing of abuse images into actual physical abuse of a child.

“That is a step that many who view images simply do not make.”

Bradley Challis was sentenced to five years for the offences. In addition, the Braintree resident had a Sexual Harm Prevention Order issued against him, which will last for ten years.