Paul Worthington refuses to answer questions

Paul Worthington, who was accused of “probably” sexually assaulting his daughter Poppi, has refused to answer questions in court.
He refused to answer 69 questions about her meals, sleeping and health.

Worthington also refused to answer questions about his relationship with Poppi’s mother.
Worthington only told of how Poppi was unplanned and that he had a vasectomy.

He replied to each question with, “I refer to my previous statements, I rely on my right not to answer under rule 22.”
His previous statements said of how he got Poppi out of bed and took her downstairs. She seemed fine.

When asked what he used his laptop for he didn’t answer.
He admitted to watching “x-rated adult stuff” before sleeping.
When asked about the nature of the pornography he didn’t answer.

Poppi’s death was determined as “unsascertained.”