Meet Mr Bzeek, a real life saint who dedicates his life to fostering dying children.

In this current day and age, it’s sometimes easy to find kindness and human compassion. But every now and then we hear of a saint.

One of these saints is a man with a big bushy beard and an even bigger heart named Mohamed Bzeek. He’s taken on a very special task in life: he’s a foster father to terminally ill children who have been abandoned by their parents.

Usually, these children would end their lives in a hospital, alone and abandoned. But thanks to Mohamed, they get the love, strength, warmth, and joy they deserve in their final months and days.

In just two months, 7,574 people donated nearly $400,000 to support his ongoing dedication and love for the children he fosters as if they are his own.

Here is the truly inspiring and loving story of Mr Bzeek. (you may need tissues).