Man who SHOOK BABY so badly he suffered BRAIN DAMAGE savagely beaten by inmates

An evil man who shook a baby so badly he suffered life-changing brain damage has been savagely attacked in prison by fellow inmates.

Nigel Newton, 23, was beaten so badly by fellow inmates at HMP Hull he had to be rushed to the hospital.

Newton was repeatedly beaten and called a ‘baby killer’ during the attack.

The incident occurred just days after he had been convicted of causing grievous bodily harm with intent to the baby following a 10-day trial.

A woman with close links to the family, who wishes to remain anonymous, has said that three people attacked Newton in the prison yard on Sunday night.

“Nigel said afterwards he had gone out in the yard because some sort of fire had broken out inside the prison,” she told the Hull Daily Mail.

“That’s when a bloke came up to him saying ‘you f***ing b******, you killed a baby’, and began the attack striking Newton in the face.

“Then two other guys joined in and started hitting him. He is not a baby killer.”

Newton,  from Withernsea, was transferred to Hull Royal Infirmary after the attack and was later returned prison several hours later after treatment..

Newton was treated and checked with an X-ray on his skull and has a swollen eye and a bleed inside the mouth.

Another man who also wishes to remain anonymous: “He’s been given a pasting and was laid out at Hull Royal. It was a few guys who did it to him.”

Newton was found guilty of “vigorously shaking” the infant, who was less than a year old.

The baby was discovered in a property in Withernsea in a “reduced state of consciousness, having a seizure, pale, with breathing difficulties”.

The babys’ injuries included bleeding inside his skull, burst blood vessels in his eyes, with Doctors saying it would “not be known for years whether he suffered long-term eye damage.”