Man raped his children for 22 years and beat his wife

A 50 year old man has been jailed for 30 years after raping his children and beating his wife until she was permanently disfigured. For legal reasons he cannot be named.
He used extreme violence in order to try and make is children keep quiet. He also washed their mouths with washing up liquid and shot them with a BB gun if they said something he didn’t like.

After he raped his daughter he beat his wife and made the children clean up the blood.

He denied all charges, including, 5 counts of rape, 11 counts of sexual assault, 1 of wounding and 14 of child cruelty.
The children were regularly beaten and he never seeked medical help for them, he used to laugh when he made his 2 boys fight.

The Judge said, “This is the story of lost childhoods and also a story of the most sadistic and wicked abuse. You have entirely destroyed the lives of these children, as is clear from their victim personal statements and the
evidence which they were forced to give by your pleas of not guilty. Not only did you make their lives unutterably miserable, but you also visited violence on your long-suffering wife.
The acts of child cruelty came against a background of routine verbal and physical abuse. The aggravating features are sadism, threats and concealment from others. It was hateful and extreme abuse. You raped your own daughter.
There was every aggravating feature conceivable in this offence apart from the fact that you did not make her pregnant, and that was only because of her age.”

The man did not attend the majority of the trial and remained in prison.