Man brutally murders Daughter after calling her “satan in a baby grow”

31 year old, Matthew Scully-Hicks, brutally murdered his adopted daughter calling her “satan dressed up in a baby grow”.

He had told friends that he was struggling to cope and that she was a “diva” and a “psycho”.
Scully-Hicks had cared for her for 8 months but only legally adopted her for 2 weeks, she died from fatal head injuries

Neighbours allegedly heard him say. “shut up, shut up, shut the f*** up” and “Shut up you little f***ing brat, shut up you silly little c***”.

The prosecutor said, “within two weeks of Elsie’s formal adoption by the couple, we allege that the defendant had inflicted fatal injuries upon her.”

Scully-Hicks called 999 and said Elsie was unresponsive, he was heard saying, “oh my god”. She died 4 days later.

It is alleged that she was violently shaken as well as suffering blunt trauma to the head.
She suffered bleeding on the brain, several broken ribs, fractured femur and fractured skull.

Scully-Hicks has denied all charges and the trial is said to last for 5 weeks.