A jealous drug addict killed his pregnant girlfriend by tying her up and stabbing her eight times


A jealous drug addict killed his pregnant girlfriend by tying her up and stabbing her eight times on Christmas Day, a court has been told.
James Hutchinson, 43, was high on heroin and crack cocaine and had downed a bottle of vodka when he killed Nicola Woodman in a violent and sustained attack which lasted an hour in the living room of her home.

Bradford Crown Court, heard how paranoid Hutchinson believed Miss Woodman, 39, had been having an affair when assaulted her with a knife and an axe handle on December 25 2016.

Miss Woodman, who was a mother-of-two, was expecting Hutchinson’s baby at the time of the assault
Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC told Hutchinson: “You are not ill, you are wicked.”

He continued: “This is a classic case of a good woman who fell in love with a thoroughly bad man.”
Hutchinson, who was handcuffed to a dock officer in court to stop him injuring himself, sat with head down as the terrible details of the murder were outlined.

The court heard that police had attended the couple’s home in Bradford, West Yorks, after Hutchinson contacted the ambulance service at 4.20pm on Boxing Day last Christmas.
By which time Miss Woodman had already been dead for over 12 hours.

Her body was found badly mutilated body and it was on the following day Hutchinson was located and arrested.

Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Spencer spoke of the arrest: “During interview Hutchinson stated that on Christmas Day, together with Nicola, he had visited his relatives nearby.
“Both left sometime that evening and returned to their home address.
“An argument then ensued, instigated by Hutchinson.

“Hutchinson tied Nicola’s arms behind her back with electrical flex.
“He said he ‘jabbed’ at her chest with a knife and then hit her several times with a wooden axe shaft.

“He then left her to go and purchasd drugs and on his return stated that she was cold and stiff. Later on the 26th he finally decided to call for an ambulance.

“In total, Nicola suffered 102 injuries to her body – she had been stabbed at least 24 times.
“Eight of those were aimed at the left hand side of her chest and eight were defensive injuries to her arms.

“She had suffered a sustained violent attack with extensive sharp and blunt force injuries to her head and body.”

Hutchinson has been told he must serve a minimum term of 23 years behind bars before he can even apply for parole, this means he can ask to be released but doesn’t mean he will be.