Four-year-old girl dies after mum and her boyfriend wrapped her up in duct tape every night for two weeks

A 4-year-old described as a “darling little girl” has died after her mother and her boyfriend allegedly “wrapped her up in duct tape every night for two-weeks.”

Little Desaray Thompson was found not breathing at a home on Sunday, and officers’ desperately attempted to revive her using CPR were tragically unsuccessful.

Parents and KILLERS Kelly Ballinger, 33, and her boyfriend, Matthew Longenecker, 34, had restrained and wrapped their daughter covering her face also at night for a period of two weeks, detectives said.

“They wrapped her up in blankets then duct tape before putting her to bed, Kalamazoo County District Court heard.”

She was completely powerless to move until she was unwrapped the next day, Detective Sheila Goodell told the hearing.

Desaray’s body was found covered in bruises and lacerations.

Her great-grandmother, Virginia Davis called Desaray a “darling little girl” in a tribute and said the family were “devastated” by the news of hear death.

She also said Desaray was a “happy girl who could dance and sing”.

Ms Davis used to babysit Desray but was unsuccessful in making contact since January.

The PAIR was charged on Tuesday with both murder and first-degree child abuse, charges which are punishable by up to life in prison.

The couple have both admitted restraining the girl as the lead detective Goodell also revealed that text messages were found which backed up the evidence.

Two other children have been taken into protective custody by Child Protection Services.