Derbyshire pensioner sentenced to 22 years for historical child abuse

A 72-year-old man who abused a child over a period of 15 years has been jailed for 22 years.

John Worsley, of Victory Avenue, Ripley was sentenced at Derby Crown Court on Friday, August 4 after being found guilty of 12 charges including multiple rapes, indecent assaults and cruelty.

The offences took place in Ripley between 1974-1989, starting against the child when she was just six years old and continuing until she was 21 and became pregnant by him.

Alongside the sexual abuse, the victim was also physically and mentally abused, including the use of a riding crop as punishment.

DC Mick Wallis who investigated the offences said: “The victim of these crimes found the strength to report the abuse to us after many years of living with the turmoil and I have so much respect for her, particularly after she gave her evidence during a lengthy court trial.

“She did the right thing by reporting these matters to police and I am pleased that Worsley has been brought to justice for the horrendous crimes that he committed.

“ Worsley was also placed on the sexual offenders register indefinitely. An NSPCC spokesman said:

“This case shows it is never too late for abusers like Worsley to face justice for their sickening crimes.

“His victim has shown tremendous bravery in speaking out.

We want survivors of abuse to know they will be listened to, regardless of how much time has passed or who the abuser is.

They do not need to suffer in silence.