David Dearlove found guilty for murdering his stepson after 50 years

Dearlove has been found guilty of killing his 19 month old stepson, Paul Booth.
Booth was swung around by his ankles into a fireplace, his skull was smashed.

Dearlove was exposed after an innocuous Facebook post.
Paul’s brother Peter saw a photo of Dearlove with Paul on his knee, Peter then became very angry.

The photo reignited built up anger from what he saw on the night of October 1st.

He went to the police and told of how he watched his brother Paul swung into the fireplace through a door crack.
Booth told them, “all you were ever told was that Paul had died by falling out of bed and hitting his head,” Mr Booth had told Teesside Crown Court at his stepfather’s trial.
When I told my mum what I had seen she totally blanked me and did not want to know. Whenever Paul’s name was mentioned, just a brick wall would go up.
We were never asked, it was never spoken about. One minute he was there, the next he was gone. The image has haunted me since I was almost four years old to standing here today.”

Dearlove had denied murdering Booth and said of how he fell out of bed.
He was however convicted on the 4th day of court.

David Dearlove was found guilty of 3 counts of child cruelty.
Dearlove walked free for 50 years.