Dad punches 2 year old to death because she kept crying

22 year old, Liam Deane, has been given a life sentence after he punched his daughter over and over again until she died.
He had apparently lost his temper.

His daughter, Luna, was only 2 days old when Deane lost his temper after she continued to cry through the night. She had injuries to her body, face and brain.
He confessed that he was responsible for the attack when he broke down in a police interview, admitting that he punched her in the face and shook her. This later resulted in “catastrophic brain injuries”.

Deane told his wife, Karen, the next day that Luna had fallen. An ambulance was called after he told his Mother Luna was struggling to breathe.
She died in intensive care.

Deane pleaded guilty to murder and will face life in prison.