Catfish paedophile asked boys for explicit photos

26 year old, Matthew Vickers pretended to be a 22 year old woman called Sarah Brinkley. He messaged twelve boys under the age of 16.

He persuaded two of the boys to send sexually explicit photos, he told one of them, ““I can get nude and rude if you can get rude with me?”
Upon realising, one of the boys said he “felt like an idiot” and “I realise it was really stupid. I feel horrified about myself for doing it.”

Vickers pleaded guilty in court to non-penetrative activity, criminally attempting to engage a boy in sexual activity and three charges of breaching a sexual harm prevention order.

He has also been banned from contacting boys online.

The Judge said, “I am not persuaded you deserve another chance. You are 26-years-old, you are not a child anymore.
The court is at the end of its proverbial tether with you. The only sentence is immediate custody. The public demand that people who behave in the way you did should got to prison.
This will be your first taste of custody. You need to know if you continue to offend like this you will go to prison for longer and longer times.”

Vickers has been ordered to give in his laptop and phone, and also to register as a sex offender.