23-stone babysitter crushes a child to death by sitting on her

A babysitter has crushed a child to death.

64 year old, Veronica Posey sat on her 9 year old cousin as a punishment.

The 64 year old who weighs 23-stone crushed Dericka Lindsay to death.

Posey has been charged with murdering the child.

Dericka was sat on for 12 minutes, causing her to go into cardiac arrest.

Posey was 5 times heavier than Lindsay and tried to “control” Dericka by sitting on her.

When Dericka told Posey that she couldn’t breathe, Posey told her to, “quit faking”.

Dericka was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Posey was previously charged with child abuse.

She will face life in prison if convicted.