12-year-old hanged himself after being bullied for being vegan

12 year old, Louie Tom Fenton, started self harming after his classmates bullied him for being a vegan.
Louie was found dead in his bathroom, there was no evidence he intended to kill himself and no suicide note was found.

The bullies threw pieces of meat at him, causing him to have regular counselling after he started self harming.

In order to get away from the bullying he was forced to eat outside, he also became a heavy smoker due to this.
Although his Mother spoke to the school several times, the bullying continued.

His Father, Graeme, said he felt that Louie had not meant to kill himself, and he believed he was “messing around”.

The family said, “Louie was a wonderful boy, much loved by family and friends alike. He had wide ranging interests and was very passionate about them.”
The school have not issued a statement.

The family have set up a justgiving page to raise money for causes he cared about.