Paedophile shot dead and hung from crane in public execution

Hussein al-Saket, 22, was surrounded by an angry crowd in Yemen who were there to witness his brutal public execution. The execution occurred at Tahrir Square in Sanaa, an area that's been controlled since 2014 by Shiite Huthi rebels. Judge Rajeh Ezzedine, who witnessed the execution, told AFP that Saket had been

Baby P’s killer denied parole

The “stepfather” of Baby P, the 17-month boy who died after suffering more 50 injuries during eight months of abuse, has been denied parole. Steven Barker was found guilty of causing the death of his then partner's son, Peter Connelly, in north London in 2007, but cleared of murder at his

Evil dad caged for killing tragic tot by throwing her at sofa while high

Shop worker John Burrill, 31, hurled nine-week-old daughter Daisy Mae Burrill across his lounge after her crying woke him up from a drug-induced sleep. The youngster was killed on impact – suffering a fractured skull when her head hit a baby monitor and TV remote control left on Burrill's sofa. And sickeningly,

Blind paedophile who molested little girls jailed for THIRD TIME

A paedophile has been jailed for the third time after molesting little girls in his care. "A frail and blind paedophile who molested little girls under his care at a Melbourne Sunday school has been sent back to prison. Kenneth Sandilands, now in his early 70s, has already been jailed twice for molesting children

Paedophile jailed after having sex with a Labrador dog

A Hartcliffe man who had sex with a dog and shared videos of it online has today been sentenced to 3 years and 2 months in jail. Mark Hook, of Dyers Close in Hartcliffe, admitted allowing his friend’s Labrador to penetrate him on at least seven occasions while being filmed, he