3 men forced a 14-year-old into sex with 20 men

A 14 year old girl was held for 5 days and forced into sex with 20 men. Jake Cairns, Brandon Sharples and Jack McInally from the West Midlands gave her drugs and prostituted her. The trio put her on an escort website as an 18 year old. They have been found guilty of

Couple jailed after baby dies from horrific injuries

Eli Cox died from brain injuries as well as damages to his neck, spine, arm, thighs and shins. Katherine Cox, Eli's mother, did nothing to stop her boyfriend, Danny Shepherd, when he killed Eli. Shepherd is said to have been shook as well as impact. He died 2 weeks later. Traces of cocaine

Mother burns son as punishment

A mother has been jailed after punishing her son. 29 year old, Miriam Rebolledo, was arrested after she burned her 6 year old son's hand on a stove. She punished her son after he got into a fight at school. She said after other punishments didn't work she needed a "more extreme punishment." Rebolledo

Police tell a mother they hope her child gets raped

Officers have been sacked after leaving a voicemail on a mother's phone. Officers Samuel Dexter and Hannah Mayo accidentally left a voicemail saying they hoped her child would “get raped”. The police officers were on their way to an incident with the child when one of them rang the mother. However, when the

Man shakes baby to death

A man has been charged with murder after killing a baby. 34 year old, Michael David Holliday allegedly shook his girlfriend's baby to death. The 1 year old child, Khayden Pangelinan, died from severe head and neck injuries that caused bleeding on the brain. His spinal cord bled as well as his retinas

28-day old baby raped

A 28-day-old baby has been raped. The baby was raped by 25 year old, Uttar Pradesh. The girl's parents had gone out to vote in the local election. While they were out the attack happened. People on social media have said things such as, "Oh for heavens sake, come on India.... this is disgusting Can't

Teenager raped chicken to death

A 14 year old boy has raped a chicken to death. The boy was arrested after his neighbour claims he stole his pet chicken and carried out the sex attack. The boy told police he did it because he was "sexually frustrated." 2 people watched the chicken die while it was sexually assaulted. A

Man kills toddler because she wouldn’t get out her car seat

Man kills 3-year-old daughter and dumps her body in the woods. 29 year old, Cory Hagwell, has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend's 3 year old, Adelynn Merrell. Hagwell killed her because she got out of her car seat. Hagwell beat the girl to death by kicking her in the head. The

Man murders 9-year-old by stabbing him 56 times

19 year old, Marcel Hesse, lured a 9 year old into his cellar and stabbed him 56 times. He announced his plans on WhatsApp just days before. Hesse has been described as a "thrill killer", he is currently on trial for the alleged killng. He said, "now I'm making some murder weapons. I

Paedophile dwarf spared jail

26 year old, Bryan Anthony Bowen, asked 2 girls who were 13 & 15 for sex and naked pictures via social media. Bowen was spared jail after the judge said he would have "a very hard time." The judge described Bowen as, “small in stature, and emotionally inadequate." Bowen asked a 15 year