Man who allegedly raped and murdered 13-month-old girl vanishes

Joshua Dale Gurto has allegedly raped and murdered his girlfriend's daughter, she was 13 months old. Ohio Police are trying find Dale Gurto and have labelled him as "dangerous". The 13 month old was found raped and murdered in her home. She is said to have suffered a heart attack after a heavy

Mother kills her 2 sons by putting them in the oven

24 year old, Lamora Williams, has been charged with the murders of her 2 sons. She allegedly put them in the oven and turned it on. Atlanta police reported that the children had multiple injuries, including burns. She told the police that she had left her 2 sons with a relative, however,

URGENT: 11-year-old schoolgirl goes missing after school

11 year old, Leah Taylor, has vanished after leaving school. She was last seen at around 12:10pm on Holderness Road in Hull. The police of Humberside are asking anyone who has seen her or knows anything about her dissapearance to get in touch immediately. Humberside Police said, “We’re appealing for help in locating

Man sexually abused girl on a bus

A 15 year old girl has been sexually abused while on a bus. The 15 year old was approached by a fellow male passenger, police have released an image of the man from CCTV footage in a bid to trace him. The man also allegedly made racist comments to the teenagers as

Paedophile who sexually assaulted a 13-year-old, jailed for 14 years

60 year old, Stephen Higgitt, has been jailed for multiple sexual offences. He had previously been charged with 2 counts of assault on a girl under 13, by penetration. Other offences include 3 sexual assaults on a female and 1 charge of sexual assault on a female. The Judge said that Higgitt showed

11 year old boy stabbed to death

An 11 year od boy has died from a stabbing. He was rushed to hospital at around 12pm with lacerations but died later. A resident who lived near the scene said that she saw the boy covered in boy as medical staff were treating him. The area where he was stabbed was described