Homeless woman stabbed 3 times in stomach

A homeless woman has been stabbed 3 times in the stomach.The 23 year old woman knocked on 25 year old, Aaron Barker's door asking for help.Barker said, "There was blood on her stomach. At first it looked like one single gash but when I looked closer there were three puncture

Babysitter rapes 6-year-old girl

55 year old, Robin Jay Smith, has been arrested for raping a 6 year old.Smith was babysitting the girl earlier this Summer.The girl told her school about how she had learnt sex acts from Smith and that he had exposed himself before raing her.She said that Smith "loved her".Smith denied

Mother lied about how her son drowned to death in a bath

25 year old, Sahrish Idris, left her 3 year old son alone in the bath for 15 minutes.When she returned he was face down and unconscious.Paramedics attempted to revive him but he sadly died.However, the family had been known to social services as the boy had previously taken 3 of

Man rapes his own Mother and blames it on stress

A 29 year old man who raped his own Mother has blamed it on stress.The man, who can not be named, has admitted to threatening his Mother with a screwdriver while on cocaine.He had also previously raped his girlfriend.In court, the man was intercepted by officers in court after he

Man who threatened to throw toddler out of a window walks free

18 year old, Joshua Ingram, who threatened to throw a toddler out of a window walks free from court.Ingram shoved the toddler's up against a wall and put a knife to the Mother's face.He also attempted to suffocate her with a pillow.Ingram admitted to making death threats and assaulting the

Father GUILTY of murdering his adopted 18-month-old adopted daughter.

Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, of Delabole, Cornwall, denied inflicting catastrophic injuries on Elsie Scully-Hicks at their Cardiff home but has been found guilty by a jury at Cardiff Crown Court.The prosecution successfully argued that he "gripped her by the rib cage, shook her, and she struck her head on a hard

Couple recorded themselves sexually exploited a toddler

Husband and wife, Justin and Jessica Crandall, have pleaded guilty to sexually exploiting a toddler.The couple sexually abused a 17 month old girl they were baby sitting and recorded it.The judge described their acts as "barbaric".28 year old, Justin Crandall, videod himself performing sex acts with the child.The acts were