Man asked for father and son incest porn from a convicted paedophile

34 year old, Matt Devere, has been found having sexually explicit conversations with former teacher and paedophile, Peter Allott. The conversations were seized from Allott's computer, he was jailed in May 2016. Devere asked Allott to share the images and videos. The images included father and son incest. Allott went on to share

Nurse found having sex with husband’s dead wife in a morgue

27 year old, Grover Macuchapi, has been taken into custody after he was reportedly found having sex with a dead body. Macuchapi, a nurse, was found having sex with the body of a man's dead wife, when the man walked in on him in a hospital in Bolivia. The husband had left

Man hides dead baby under bed for 12 years

43 year old, known only as Mr Lin, handed himself into the police while carrying his dead child. Lin had wrapped the body in a black bin bag and hidden it under his bed for 12 years. He carried the body in a washing up bowl. Mr Lin was accompanied by his

Paedophile forced 11 year old boy into sex

36 year old, Dawn Davies, has been jailed for 15 years after forcing an 11 year old into sex. Davies repeatedly assaulted her victim and would physically abuse him if he refused. Manchester Crown Court charged her with 12 counts of causing a boy under 13 to engage in sexual activity. Greater Manchester

Man kills 5-year-old for losing his shoe

39 year old, Marvyn Iheanacho, beat a 5 year old boy to death in a park for losing his shoe. Witnesses at Mountsfield Park heard Alex saying "sorry" and Iheanacho shouting about the loss of a shoe and making loud bangs. Alex died in hospital 2 days after the attack suffering from

Man killed his son because he thought he was gay

32 year old, Isauro Aguirre, has been accused of killing his 8 year old stepson because he thought he was gay. Gabriel Fernandez was allegedly beaten, burned, bitten and starved to death. Aguirre has been charged with murdering Gabriel as well as a special circumstance of torture. Gabriel's Mother, Pearl Fernandez, has also