Police officer charged with 6 counts of rape

38 year old policeman, Adam Provan, has been charged with 6 counts of rape and 1 count of indecent assault.The PC was charged on the 26th of September and appeared in custody the day after. He was later released on bail and a court case has been set for October

Mum BBQ’s daughter to “enter heaven”

A 27-year-old Mum has allegedly cooked her 2 year old daughter an a BBQ. The girl's charred remains were found at their garage on Sunday evening, rescue workers went round after neighbours saw smoke coming from the house. The child began screaming before the fire began.The Mother told cops at the


David Hart, from Morriston, Swansea, failed to show up at the city's crown court for the last day of his trial.His victim was just 11 or 12 when he began a campaign of abuse which lasted for 14 years.He is described as being 5ft 8in tall and although he had

Babysitters bit child until his face was “unrecognisable”

26 and 22 year old couple, Nicholas Lessiter and Rebecca Barnes, have been jailed after abusing a toddler they were babysitting.The toddler's face was unrecognisable after being battered and bitten by Lessiter. Lessiter fractured the child's collar bone, bit his elbow and shoulder, injured his throat and his body was bruised

Woman paedophile posed as a teenager to groom a 15-year-old boy

44 year old, Marie Dent, set up a fake Facebook profile to meet a 15-year-old boy, she met him twice.The court heard that the two had engaged in sexual activity in his bedroom, police described Dent as a "predator", she had previously admitted to 3 counts of sexual activity. Dent also

14-month-old girl dies from being raped by Uncle

A 14-month-old girl has died in Egypt after her Uncle raped her.She arrived at a hospital dead after her blood circulation dropped drastically, her Mother said she had diarrhea. After looking at her body, doctors determined she was anally assaulted.Once the investigation took place, police revealed that she was assaulted