12-year-old hanged himself after being bullied for being vegan

12 year old, Louie Tom Fenton, started self harming after his classmates bullied him for being a vegan. Louie was found dead in his bathroom, there was no evidence he intended to kill himself and no suicide note was found.The bullies threw pieces of meat at him, causing him to have

Man held after three-year-old dropped in river.

Police were called to a Bridge in Bolton at 20:30 last night where a 39-year-old man was threatening to drop the girl into the water.Despite attempts by specialist negotiators, the man dropped the child from a height of 30 feet before falling in himself. The girl suffered a broken wrist. The

Man raped his children for 22 years and beat his wife

A 50 year old man has been jailed for 30 years after raping his children and beating his wife until she was permanently disfigured. For legal reasons he cannot be named. He used extreme violence in order to try and make is children keep quiet. He also washed their mouths with

Baby P’s Mum could be free by Christmas

35 year old, Tracey Connelly, was jailed in 2009 for allowing her lover and his brother to torture her baby to death. Her baby, Peter, was found dead in 2007, he had suffered more than 50 injuries.If she can convince parole that she is no longer a danger to the public,

Nanny took indecent photos of children between ages 1 and 6

23 year old, Elliana Ede-Borrett, has pleaded guilty to 3 counts of making indecent photographs of children, 12 of them were labelled as "most serious". Borrett claims that she was manipulated by someone into doing it.The children were ages between 1 to 6.Allegedy, Borrett did not enjoy looking at the images

95-year-old dementia patient abused by carers

Lynne Nuttall, the daughter of a dementia patient, released secretly recorded footage of her Mother's abusers.The carers threaten to break every bone in her body and dumping her onto the bed. They can also be heard threatening to kill her and dragging her by her head. Dias, a Portugese man and