Nonce found dead in cell after brutal attack by cellmate.

A nonce serving a life sentence for the first-degree murder of his 8-year-old neighbor was killed in his prison cell Friday.The corrections department identified the inmate killed as Anthony Palma.Palma was serving life without parole for the murder of Kirsten Hatfield, who was abducted from her Midwest City home in

When is Sophie Elms, 18, is Britain’s youngest female paedophile sentenced?

Sophie Elms, 18, is Britain's youngest female paedophile and was remanded in custody ahead of her sentencing over 'fears of her own safety'An 18 year-old nursery worker from Swindon has become Britain's youngest female convicted paedophile.Sophie Elms, 18, admitted to sexually assaulting and taking indecent images of toddlers.Sophie Elms pleaded